First Steps – Making the Decision

So where did we start?

Let me be candid. There was no single defining moment – we didn’t sit with a glass of wine in hand, staring out through the window at the English summer rain when we suddenly looked at each other and clinked our glasses “RIGHT – let’s do it! Lets leave the UK for Australia!!”


In reality, one of us must have mentioned it one day, I can’t remember whom, and from then on we proceeded to discuss it now and again when it came up in conversation. In 2008 when we first met we quickly discovered that we had similar feelings about moving abroad – it was always a dream, an ambition.

I never really thought specifically about Australia though. I have distant family over there and have never been. Loz on the other hand had made a friend for life in Gav, a plucky fun-loving Aussie who had come over to the UK to travel and work for a few years. They’d talk for hours over the differences and indeed similarities between Brits and Aussies. It was definitely on Loz’ hit-list of places to visit.

In 2012 that’s what she did. During the height of the depressing UK recession, she went over on her own for a month (I couln’t afford the time off work). Suddenly experiencing a country where there were signs saying “help wanted” , “job vacancies” everywhere – such an eye opener, she recalls, so refreshing.

She made a flying visit through Perth, Melbourne and Sydney – lapping up the different experinces each one has to offer (We’ll do a separate post about her adventures).

When she came back we talked about it more and more. At the time I was still eligible to get the working holiday visa but Loz could not (if you are over 31). We both wanted to go and experience living out there. The only way for us both to go was to seriously start planning our move over. Obviously it crossed our minds that we will be away from our families for a long time, but both our brothers were in a good place and our parents happy and heathly – they want the best for us, as we do for them.

We are certainly not the type to let opportunities go by. We had made the decision.

For what we did next, please read our blog ‘Which visa? – Seeing the wood for the trees’


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