Getting Started with the SkillSelect Skills Assessment

As a general recommendation, there are a few things you may want to prepare to get yourself going:-

  • Create a folder for your paperwork
  • Buy a printer/scanner for your home
  • Ensure you have some sort of reputable online cloud storage facility

The reason I recommend the top three is simple – you need to be organised, have quick and easy access to a scanner in order to scan quite a few documents (sometimes twice) and a good place to store them electronically where they will be securely backed-up.

I do not know how all the assessment bodies work,  but I can share our experience with VETASSESS. Naturally, VETASSESS have a very good explanatory guide in order to aid your application. We used the version from 2013 but the most recent guide can be found here.

In a nut-shell, if you want to get points for your education and/or work experience, you need to have each individual claim assessed. At the time of our application it cost us AUD$ 1060.00 for my undergraduate and PhD and one work experience claim. From January 1st 2015 there is a revised fee structure.

The list of documents that we required:-

  1. Application form – completed online
  2. Application payment fee (this will vary on the number of claims you want to certify)
  3. Recent passport-sized photograph (no certification required)
  4. Certified copy of passport page with photograph and details
  5. Certified copy of undergraduate degree certificate
  6. Certified copy of associated undergraduate degree transcript
  7. Certified copy of postgraduate degree certificate
  8. Certified copy of associated postgraduate degree transcript
  9. A signed Statement of Service from your employer (only jobs relevant to the profession you are claiming against)
  10. Payslip (relevant to the profession you are claiming against)
  11. Taxation records (relevant to the profession you are claiming against)
  12. A recent CV
  13. Application declaration form (only accessible after you have registered an account, which needs signing and scanning)

Once you are ready, you must register with the relevent assessment body in order to upload your documents and pay your fee.

How to certify documents? There are specific notes in the guidance for this, but basically you have to scan your original document, print it in colour, bring it along with the original to the person who will certify your document then scan the certified document (hence my recommendation for a personal scanner).

Please keep in mind that your electronic documents must be within a certain size limit (I forget what exactly the limit was now, but all of the files we submitted were below 2 MB and were all in PDF format).

In our experience, once submitted we didn’t have to wait long for our result – just less than 1 month.


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